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We provide life insurance protection targeted to the middle American market. We believe there is a substantial unmet need for life insurance, particularly among domestic households with annual incomes of between $50,000 and $125,000, a market we refer to as our target Middle Market. We differentiate our product and service offerings through innovative product design and sales processes, with an emphasis on rapidly issued products that are not medically underwritten at the time of sale.

We conduct our business through our two operating subsidiaries, Fidelity Life, an Illinois-domiciled life insurance company, and eFinancial, a call center-based insurance agency. eFinancial sells Fidelity Life products through its own call center distribution platform, independent agents and other marketing organizations. eFinancial, in addition to offering Fidelity Life products, sells insurance products of unaffiliated carriers. We report our operating results in three segments: agency, insurance and corporate.

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